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Rachel Weber

Geek journalist

Senior Editor, GamesIndustry.biz at Eurogamer Network

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Thrillers e1431972209500 article
Book Riot

5 Horror Novels That Will Give You Nightmares

Five horror novels that will make you lose sleep!...

Books about bad girls1 article
Book Riot

Genre Kryptonite: Bad Girls

Why one Rioter can't resist books about bad girls....

Crossroads article
Book Riot

Best Books For Control Freaks: Interactive Fiction

A list of the best books for control freaks featuring choose your own adventure books, graphic novels and interactive mysteries....

Open uri20160419 31792 ia99jk article
Book Riot

True Crime Guilt: My Murder Book Shame

Or why this Rioter is worried you think she's a serial killer with a murder cellar....

Open uri20160419 31792 1mt3j5c article
Book Riot

Books for Anglophiles and Homesick British Expats

Books on the British, manners, biscuits, and World War II....

Open uri20160419 31792 ulh87c article
Book Riot

Writers’ Spaces: Where The Magic Happens

Peeking at the desks and offices of writers like Douglas Coupland, A.S. Byatt and Wendy Cope...

Open uri20160419 31792 1xll3rl article
Book Riot

Why I Keep Googling Sheep

The Shepherd's Life: A People's History of the Lake District has changed this Rioter's life, and awakened a passion for ruminants....

Book Riot

Book Rioter's Bookish Pets

Cute bookish pets like cats, rabbits, chinchillas, and dogs doing a little reading....